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2016 Featured Presenter David Wilcock

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Friday, February 19th

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm PT

Corey’s Cosmic Disclosure show with David has a higher viewership than CNN, and is heralded as the greatest breakthrough of new information to come along in the UFO field since the original Disclosure Project in 2001.

In this stunning public debut, deep insider Corey Goode will take to the stage and reveal the history of the Secret Space Program in a question-and-answer format with New York Times best-seller and Ancient Aliens star David Wilcock.

You will hear about the history of extraterrestrial life in our solar system, the early German breakthroughs with the bell craft, and what they discovered when they ventured out to the Moon and Mars to build the earliest settlements.

Saturday, February 20
pm - 10:00 pm PT

In this mind-blowing tour-de-force of classified information, David Wilcock blows the lid off of the greatest government conspiracy of all: a vast infrastructure of advanced craft and bases that already exist throughout our solar system and beyond.

You will see photographic evidence of the Ancient Builder Race, a group that heavily colonized our solar system as far back as 2.6 billion years ago—and hear the story of how their forgotten technology is of inestimable value to countless ET groups visiting us.

Learn the full scope of the technology we now possess, the beings we are working with, and the mysterious energy cloud that our solar system is moving into—which may well propel us into the next level of human evolution.

2.5 Hour Seminar

Science and Spirituality

Monday, February 22nd      8:30 am to 10:30 am PT

Join David in a stunning exploration of never-before-seen scientific evidence suggesting our entire solar system is going through a profound energetic transformation—building up to a dramatic moment of truth.

In researching his new book The Ascension Mysteries, David encountered a treasure-trove of new data about a spontaneous release of light and energy that the Sun gives off at the end of a 25,000-year cycle.

David Wilcock

Friday, February 19
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm PT

The History of the Secret Space Program with Corey Goode

Saturday, February 20
pm - 10:00 pm PT

Revealing the Secret Space Program 

Monday, February 22
pm - 10:30 pm PT

Spontaneous Ascension:
The Latest Evidence

"Perhaps the single most basic realization to make is that we live in a loving Universe."... David Wilcock

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